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It started in 2016. July 3rd to be exact. Following another excellent Camp Colleen, John and I were packing up the car to head down to Indy for a practice round of golf before playing in the Putter Cup. John, uncharacteristically, was dragging his feet as we tried to pack the car with sleeping bags and other accoutrements from the week. I prompted John to pick up the pace a bit so we could get on the road, but he continued in his slothlike ways. On his next trip to the back of the car, John dropped a duffle bag instead of putting it in the open hatchback. I looked at John and said, "Dude, you suck. Pick up the bag and put it in the car." Well this apparently was the energizer John needed. He perked up and responded, "You suck!". While finishing packing the car (at a much quicker pace) and for the next two hours while driving to Indy, John and I told each other how the other sucked.


Since then "You Suck" has continued with varying degrees of escalation. This little website is yet another move in the game. More than just an action of revenge though, it is a way to forever document John sucking.

It must be said that John is an outstanding kid. Only because he is such a great kid and possesses both great confidence and humility can this continue. If he ever asks for it to stop, it will immediately. Until that day though..



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